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Using physics-based modelling, AI technology and visualization techniques, Algoa takes the treatment and prevention of Osteoarthritis - and revolutionizes it


Osteoarthritis is the most common joint disease and the main cause for knee pain, which approximately affects every fourth of us at some point of our lives. It has been estimated that globally there are over 600 million people suffering from knee osteoarthritis.

As there is no cure for the damaged knee cartilage, the most beneficial treatment would simply be to prevent the disease from developing. The key for prevention is an early detection of the disease, when the available treatments are the most beneficial.

Currently clinicians do not know who will develop osteoarthritis or when, especially when the knee is still healthy and there are no clear signs of the disease. This causes that the disease often develops inevitably and that the treatments are often started at a late stage.


Algoa Progress

Algoa Progress provides improved clinical diagnostic and osteoarthritis progression prediction tools, to assist healthcare practitioners, but also patients to optimize the best possible treatment strategy aiming to prevent the disease development or to slow down its progression.

It is the first solution providing a comprehensive personalized treatment journey from the first clinical visit to sustained quality of life. It is the first solution to predict and quantify the patient's osteoarthritis risk evolution and a visual demonstration of the prediction. In addition, It is the only solution to simulate and visualize the effects of personalized treatment interventions supporting planning the most effective prevention strategies.

The solution is currently under development by an international team consisting of experts in osteoarthritis research, artificial intelligence, clinical image analysis, and hospital data systems.


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IKNOWHOW is an award-winning company with extensive experience from both private and public sector. Evorad™ has become the premier PACS solution of Greek public hospitals, used not only to process thousands of examinations per day, but also as the main teaching tools in medical schools and university hospitals.


The Biophysics of Bone and Cartilage (BBC) research group at UEF is globally one of the leading groups in cartilage and osteoarthritis research. The group has extensively contributed to basic, applied, and clinical research of the musculoskeletal disorders during the past 20 years.